Camelback Spine Care welcomes Sandra Ballehr

Sandra Ballehr is a board certified Physician Assistant and the newest hire with Camelback Spine Care. Sandra graduated in 2004 from Midwestern University for Physician Assistant studies with a concurrent Masters Degree in Health Profession Education. She has been involved in spine for her entire professional career. With an initial focus of care on the PT/Rehab side of spine and then transitioning in 2007 to began her new surgical career in Neurosugery, Sandra has dedicated her life to helping others.  She had lived in Flagstaff for 7 years and worked in spine/orthopedics prior to returning to the Valley in 2017 and specialized as a surgical first assist for spine and orthopedics. She has assisted Dr. Bedi and Dr. Singh in surgery in this capacity for 5 years before joining Camelback Spine Care

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