Rachel L

Dr Singh and his team have been the most amazing doctors! I had my surgery 10/23/23 and I have been pain free!!! I can't describe how truly happy I am! Thank you Camelback Spine Care for the help and support you have given me!!!

Received on November 02, 2023

Chris Thompson

I don't trust doctors often. Too many past bad experiences. But Dr Singh and his staff make you immediately feel at ease and comfortable. His straight  forward, easy going mannerisms  make it easy to discuss issues, and he is clear, concise  and honest with his answers. Surgery was a huge success  and I gell better than I have in years. Thank you Dr Singh and your staff for the great care!

Received on October 07, 2023

Ken S - VIA GOOGLE Reviews

Dr. Singh is by far one of the finest. I have 18 specialists and he's on the top of my list. Very positive all the time, caring and considerate and brilliant in terms of spine issues.

Received on August 14, 2022

Ken Wilson

Has a surgery 4/7/22. Prior to surgery had several visits. Dr Bedi was honest and concerned about treatment. With a brief hospital stay after surgery, Dr Bedi and Stephanie visited  each day. Post Op has been terrific  with little to no pain. I appreciate what they done and the caring and concern before and since . Dr Bedi, Stephanie  and the whole crew have been excellent prior to, during my surgery and stay in hospital . Their follow-through and caring attitude has been appreciated 

Received on July 20, 2022


I've had a history of back problems for over 10 years. Different doctors telling me to try a chiropractor or Cortizone shots. Until one point when the pain was so bad that I was admitted to the emergency room and was fortunate enough to have Dr. Bedi review my case. Dr. Bedi recommended an MRI. Upon reviewing the MRI, he recommended a surgical procedure for me. Having never had a procedure done or spent the night in the hospital before, I was very skeptical. However, his persona and confidence that he portrayed when he explained the procedure made me fell extremely confident. 2 days later I was in surgery, the following day I was up and walking. I received two follow-up calls from Dr. Bedi after my surgery just to see how I was doing. My own primary care doctor has never called me to see how I am doing. As for Dr. Bedi's staff...to notch. They were always friendly and helpful and made sure prescriptions and paperwork were ready. I truly believe had I not met Dr Bedi, there is no way I would have been able to continue the lifestyle and work ethic that I was used to. Thank you sir

Received on July 13, 2022

Kendal M - VIA YELP

I have been to Dr Harvinder Bedi twice so to help relieve my pain I have suffered with for years. I first had a lumbar fusion in 2018 then a S I joint fusion in 2021. I actually changed my insurance twice this year when I found out he was not in my prefer covered doctor list. I still have one more S I joint fusion to go and I'm looking forward to the added relief it will bring as did the prior two surgeries he performed on me. Dr Harvinder Bedi explained everything before on what to expect even what the downside might be. I like the open and honest dialogue he has plus his after care is great. Beyond that his staff is a great bunch of people that are very professional and friendly. I honestly can say it is the first time I can I can't wait to have another surgery. Great experience for years for me even followed him to his new location and like I said changed my insurance so he is in my network.

Received on July 11, 2022

John Locano

Very excellent outcome! Staff and Dr Bedi were very professional. 

Received on May 27, 2022

Wayne Hiatt - via Google Reviews

I want to start off by saying the staff at Camelback Spine is outstanding. I was really impressed with how Michelle Chavez handled my case with the insurance company. Most of you I am sure understand how difficult dealing with insurance companies can be. Michelle helped to make it a breeze. Ok so now on to Dr Bedi. WOW what can I say. Dr Bedi is incredible. I have seen many doctors and surgeons in my day Dr Bedi is hands down one of the best. He took one look at my MRI and found the issue. Which I must say the doctor before him did not find. I am so glad I went to Dr Bedi for a second opinion. Dr Bedi has a very calming bedside manner. I am usually very nervous before a surgery but this time I felt at ease knowing I was in great hands. It is nice to know that In todays world there are still doctors who really care and take the time 

Received on May 24, 2022

Michael Lemm - via HealthGrades

My lower back pain was so painful I could not walk more than ten feet without helo. Dr. Bedi explained all my options and recommended a COFLEXâ„¢ laminectomy rather than a fusion. It was a 45 minute outpatient surgery. After the surgery I was completely pain free! It was a miracle and Dr. Bedi gave me my life back. A wonderful and humble surgeon and would highly recommend him. Thank you Dr. Bedi.

Received on February 09, 2022

Sheila G.

Dr. Bedi, Thank you for being the great doctor that you are. From pre-op to post-op everything went as you said it would. I got to meet the operating team; it was great to see Stephanie there and the anesthesiologist listened to my concerns. For the first time after surgery, I didn't get sick. Your office staff has always been very helpful; special thanks to Michelle and Debbie for helping me through the paperwork, questions and support. You and your staff are 5 stars to me!

Received on December 27, 2021

Leslie Carson

I had excellent care from Dr. Bedi and his staff. Had a microdiscectomy in February 2020 and have since had a fill and compete recovery and I couldn't be happier with my results!

Received on November 01, 2021

Mark B.

Dr Bedi is phenomenal! He identified my problem promptly and performed surgery to correct it within two weeks of diagnosis. Obviously, back surgery was not something I was looking forward to but everyone at the surgical site were upbeat and made me as comfortable as possible. I highly recommend Dr Bedi to anyone who has a spinal issue.

Received on October 11, 2021

Rudy P.

Dr Bedi did spinal fusion on me and everything went well he saved me from being paralyzed he admitted me to hospital and performed surgery same day I went to see him on my appointment day..Thank you

Received on October 11, 2021

Rudy P.

Dr Bedi and staff very professional, kind,and considerate

Received on October 11, 2021

Seth O.

back surgery on Jan 21, 2021.... Before surgery i was in constant sciatic back pain with radiation down both legs. As soon as I awoke from surgery, I was pain free, up and walking erect within 1 hour of returning to my hospital bed. Now, 8 months later, i have remained pain free. I had 10 weeks of Physical Therapy as outpatient at Banner PT in Sun City (Linda, PT). My back muscles do get sore, but not real pain. And this is usually relieved by some back exercises I was taught. Before surgery I was taking prescribed pain medication almost daily. After surgery 8 months later, I probable have taken less than 3 pain pills for the soreness. My wife and I are retired ICU nurses and we highly recommend Dr Bedi and his staff, so much so that my wife has an appointment with him in December. for her back pain. Thank you for being a competent team and also for my 2 1/2 inch increase in height

Received on September 18, 2021

Patricia W.

Great experience. Dr. Bedi and his staff were very friendly and professional. Live in Michigan and they have been following me since my surgery last April. Highly recommend Dr. Bedi He has finally made my spine straight and pain has so improved.

Received on September 02, 2021

Brenda B.

He was the best surgeon I have ever encountered!! I had the Privilege to have him as my surgeon when he was with the "Core Institute", and he did a phenomenal job on both of my surgeries. I would "Highly recommend" him to preform your spinal surgery. He dy both my cervical and lumbar surgeries. That was over 7 years ago and I have had no issues to date. Sincerely Brenda y

Received on August 11, 2021

Sandra H.

As I sit here to write this review about Dr. Bedi, I am truly in awe. I find it difficult to clearly put into words how thankful I am to have found this man. For more than 20 years, I had no other alternative than to be on heavy pain medication to control my intense and completely debilitating back pain. I could barely even ride in a car. But after my very successful surgery, I can not only travel in a car but can fly in an airplane and participate in important and priceless family events. From the beginning, Dr Bedi undertook my immense back problems with confidence and ease. He not only listened to me and what I needed but formulated a plan for my individual and very specific needs. Last week I went in for my 3 month post-op check up. I could not believe the beauty of my X-rays!! In the past, I’d never considered surgery an art form, but after seeing the before and after Images, I now do! I honestly cannot believe my back pain is gone. I know my body is still healing from the procedure, but it is so much better than it has ever been. Thank you Dr. Bedi!! I gratefully give you a resounding 5 stars!!

Received on July 25, 2021

Kristen C.

Receptionist, nurse and DR were very polite and efficient. Got more information from this visit than the last DR

Received on June 28, 2021

James H.


Received on June 14, 2021

Jessica C.

Dr. Bedi is the best there is… he saved my life and I wouldn’t trust anyone else but him touching me ever again!!

Received on June 03, 2021

Rita B.

Very efficient and thorough.

Received on June 02, 2021

Gerald G.

Everyone was very professional and helpful.

Received on May 26, 2021

Cynthia L.

Nice folks. A bit of confusion regarding orders for labs and telemedicine. Doctor very engaging and informative.

Received on May 05, 2021

Anonymous P.

Dr. Bedi is the best! have been suffering greatly since my work injury in 2013 but now since he operated, I am so much better than I could have even hoped for-thanks Dr. 

Received on May 05, 2021

Cliff H.

Dr Bedi completely fixed my back! I had 4 ruptured dics (L3, 4, 5, S1) arthritis, tendonitis, stenosis, scoliosis, sciatica and multiple crushed/impinged nerves. He performed my surgery in 2018 and I have been pain free since.

Received on May 05, 2021

Anonymous P.

I’ve been suffering from low back pain for years. A friend recommended Dr.Bedi. At the first visit he explained to my husband and I what he thought the problem was but needed X-rays to confirm. From the first visit to after fusion surgery and last week he injected cement in a compression fracture. I’m now pain free in my back. I need to mention that during this time I have also had a series of falls. These falls have resulted in hairline fractures of my ankle ( twice) and fracture of my knee.

Received on May 05, 2021

Anonymous P.

I have seen various back specialists throughout my life. I ended up having severe back pain and I couldnt even stand up straight. Dr Bedi fixed me!

Received on May 05, 2021

Nathan M.

Dr. Bedi was a life saver! I was in severe pain from a work injury which resulted in multiple ruptured disks. Ultimately, I had to have a L4-L5-S1 fusion. Dr. Bedi and his staff took the time to walk me through the process and exhausted all possibilities before recommending surgery. Post surgery, Dr. Bedi and his staff have been extremely attentive and reached out to me multiple time between my post-op appointment. I would and do recommend Dr. Bedi to everyone I talk to. A huge thank you to Dr.Bedi and all his staff!

Received on April 14, 2021

Deanna L.

I was referred to Dr. Harvinder Bedi in 2019 by my orthopedic Dr. who was retiring. I was in severe, chronic pain down my sciatic to my knees. My husband and I had consulted with other surgeons who had diagnosed a severe herniation of my L3/L4 due to spondylosis and offered advice on types of procedures, but I was still open to other opinions, since I was not convinced by the advice I received. My first meeting left us feeling so much better about my options. Dr. Bedi outlined the problem in detail but in a manner in which both my husband and I could clearly understand. We reviewed all surgical options; ultimately, he recommended spinal fusion with a lumbar cage to stop the nerve pinching and correct the spondylosis. He directed us to his website which showed a clear, step by step process of the entire procedure, including recovery times and milestones, and expectations on post op mobility. He had a belief in himself and his ability but still showed humility and calmness. He inspired trust and confidence in him, and I felt much better about outcomes after I saw him. We scheduled the operation for end- February, 2020. During the pre-op Dr. Bedi’s PA, Stephanie did a great job of making sure I was prepared and comfortable. The Op went smoothly; afterwards, Dr. Bedi came into my room to review the operation and reassure me it went well. SIX-months later, I feel like a have a new lease on life. I am able to do activities that I once did before the chronic pain. I am beyond grateful to Dr. Bedi and would recommend him to anyone who needs an excellent spinal surgeon.

Received on September 02, 2020

Allan B.

After three years of dealing with severe lumbar pain; unable to walk any distance without discomfort, and injections/etc that didn’t give me any relief; I saw Dr. Harvinder Bedi at AZ Integrated Neuro who performed back fusion in May 2020. I am happy to say that I am pain free and would highly recommend Dr. Bedi and his qualified staff!

Received on September 02, 2020

Glenda W.

Pleasant and helpful.

Received on November 30, -0001