Dr. Bedi Discusses Kyphoplasty Procedures

 A vertebral compression fracture can lead to debilitating pain and spinal deformities along with other life-threatening health complications, especially  for seniors. A Kyphoplasty procedure involves inserting and gently inflating a small balloon inside damaged vertebrae to deliver a cement-like substance that sets the fracture. The goal is to minimize pain and restore the bone height, while reducing the risk of spinal deformity and other complications by allowing the soft inner bone of the vertebral body to strengthen and heal.   

Dr. Harvinder Bedi often discusses this minimally invasive surgical option that can eliminate pain and restore mobility for his patients suffering from vertebral compression fractures and spinal decompression. At Camelback Spine Care, Dr Harvinder Bedi and his team do this routine procedure every week at the Peoria office. This means no hospital visits and this outpatient procedure is done in the office in under 30 minutes. 

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